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Gold Medal winners at HOME DECOR 2022


We already know the winners of the Gold Medal Competition at HOME DECOR 2022 Interior Trade Fair.

 With this prestigious distinction, the Competition Jury awarded the following products:

Miami Hamptons ceramic table lamp - COMO Bartłomiej Biesalski

The Miami lamp (model JCO-X12922) uses the most desirable colour palette of ceramic lamps characteristic of the chinoserie style — white and navy blue, the shape of the lamp in the form of a bulky amphora is also classic, but the design is modern, inspired by current trends — return to nature and decadence of the 1960s. It shows a bamboo grove. It is perfect for flats decorated in the style of seaside resorts, e.g. in the Hamptons style. The lamp also has the highest quality textile lampshade on a golden frame, mounted from the top with a decorative screw. Lamps of this class are sold mainly by renowned foreign companies at prices several times higher than our retail price (PLN 949). The production volume is about 100 pieces per year. This is our latest model of ceramic lamp. The lamp is sold without a light source — suitable for all light bulbs, including energy-saving and LED lamps with an E27 socket and a maximum power of 60W. The total height of the lamp is 67 cm, the diameter of the base is 26 cm, and the diameter of the lampshade is 41 cm. The lamp is made in China from the highest quality ceramics. The Chinese have been producing ceramics for almost 5,000 years. Such a long tradition and experience passed down from generation to generation make them products of extraordinary aesthetic value.

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra - Samsung Electronics

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ offers complete vacuum cleaning. It is equipped with an All-in-One cleaning station, which automatically empties the dust container and charges the device when the vacuum cleaner is docked. Bespoke Jet™ offers a multi-layer filtration system that captures 99.9999%* of dust particles, reducing the presence of dust mites. Its beautiful design conceals powerful solutions that make vacuuming easier than ever. The 580 W HexaJet™ motor captures even the smallest dust particles. A removable high-capacity battery ensures long operation of Bespoke Jet™, allowing you to clean your entire space without having to recharge the device. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Spray Spinning Sweeper brush, which enables wet cleaning.

Samsung Neo QLED QN91B TV - Samsung Electronics

Sophisticated technologies and design are the hallmarks of the Samsung Neo QLED TV. Built on the basis of neural networks AI Quantum 4K processor and Quantum Mini LED diodes, it guarantees extraordinary image quality with high brightness and contrast. A new panel with a 14-bit luminance scale and an anti-reflective layer minimise light reflections from the screen. The graceful, ultra-slim design makes the TV look great and show off like a work of art.

Samsung The Frame TV - Samsung Electronics

The Frame is a TV that combines beauty, technology and art. Its design makes the screen look like another piece of art in the home collection. In the Art Store, lovers of painting and photography will find 1,500 works by famous artists. Thanks to the matte screen coating, you can focus on the displayed works, not disturbed by light reflections. This amazing TV can be hung using the No Gap hanger or placed anywhere in the room using the Studio stand.