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HOME DECOR 2020 in business and international setting


Latest collections of standing and wall decorations, lighting, textiles, ceramics, glass and other decorative items were presented at HOME DECOR Interior Fair, held in Poznan from 25 to 28 February 2020.

This year's edition of the fair was filled with modern trends, new interesting exhibitions and workshops. It also confirmed its position as the leading international and business event of interior design sector in Poland. The exhibition was attended by merchants from 69 countries! At the same time, the MTP fairgrounds hosted MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair and ARENA DESIGN. In total, approximately 500 companies and brands presented the latest trends in 11 exhibition halls.

- Our exhibitors emphasized that their stands were visited by many representatives of retail chains, DYI stores, interior design shops as well as by those working for on-line and conventional stores. These guests were from Poland and neighbouring countries, but also from very exotic markets. Importantly, in Poznan the exhibitors met many importers, distributors and wholesalers of articles for decoration and interior design, who had not attended their stands during other similar events in Poland. The international profile of visitors is a strong asset of HOME DECOR Fair. This year, the share of foreign traders participating in the fair as high as 38 percent! - says Kinga Dobrowolska-Baczkun, Director of HOME DECOR. Within four days of the fair, the exhibition was visited by 21,949 people (almost 2% more than in the previous year).

Bloggers Zone

The hit of the exhibition was the Bloggers Zone, known from previous editions of the fair. This initiative of a group of five influential interior design bloggers and interior designers led by Ula Michalak, cooperated with exhibitors and used own creativity and experience to arrange a special space at the HOME DECOR fair. It was an interesting place, full of inspiration and ideas for interior design. Its creators focused on emerging trends in interior design, presented during Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt by the most famous group of forecasters: Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano.


This year, the Bloggers Zone was based mainly on the most sensual and subtle trend called ‘shaped + softened’. It focused on natural, rounded and delicate shapes, taken almost organically from nature. Sensual, smooth and safe forms were designed to isolate the user from the vulgar and tumultuous outside world. Discreet colours inspired by earth tones manifested return to the nature. These colours were used to guarantee tranquillity and relaxation. Natural materials, cotton, linen, stone and wood praised tradition and culture, which highly appreciated the work of craftsmen. This trend guided the creators in selection of products used at the exhibition, taking care of cohesion of all elements, even though the project gathered 25 brands. They based on colours used in London Art RYNGO wallpaper collection. All shades of grey and beige were shown in individual elements. Ethnic wallpaper patterns also fitted perfectly into the trend glorifying handicraft.

In addition to this exceptional exhibition, the organizers also took care of interesting and inspiring program of meetings. Lectures on trends and interior details, provided by an expert in design and art historian Dagmara Jakubczak attracted many visitors. Moreover, social media specialists from Homebook shared their knowledge, but also tips and tricks used in daily work to reach millions of Facebook and Instagram users. In turn, the experts from Sfera Group, shared their knowledge on 'Brand communication in the interior design industry. Trends of 2020’, basing on industry research.


Premiere of “HORBOWY NOWA ERA” collection

HOME DECOR featured “Horbowy Nowa Era” exhibition which presented a wonderful collection of art and utilitarian forms created by Professor Zbigniew Horbowy, including the absolutely unique collection “Cobalt Horbowy.” The glass collection of “old” but still “modern” masters was created in the atmosphere of glass moulding workshop: hissing steam, tapping steel shears and clashing blowpipes. It is exceptional and unique, as it combines noble craft with virtuosity of form and sophisticated culture of glass. Imbued with love for beauty and almost alchemical colour, it flows like ambrosia into our senses, stroking with titian red, malachite, magical cobalt or ruby reflexes of unique shapes made by master Zbigniew Horbowy. “HORBOWY NOWA ERA” exhibition was accompanied by meetings with the co-creators of this project.


Light up! Light Zone

The Light Zone was a new feature of the Fair. Although in previous years lighting was an important element of the exhibition, this year for the first time the organisers decided to clearly mark the stands of companies presenting lighting products with the common brand 'Light up'! The Light Zone featured the latest collections of such companies as. ALTAVOLA DESIGN, ARTEVENTY, CANDELLUX Lighting, CASA REGAL, ELEKTROZEL, KRAFTPOLYMER, NOWODVORSKI, ROMANTIC HOME INTERIORS, TK Tomasz Krywult and ZUMA LINE.


Fresh Start

Another new element was the zone for industry beginners called Fresh Start. It was an offer addressed to those, who wanted to make their first step at an international event and show their products to a wide audience. Exhibitors in this zone enriched the Fair with a large dose of inspiration. We hope that participation in HOME DECOR will be a strong impulse driving their development. The project enjoyed great interest of visitors and we will certainly extend it during the next editions - explains Kinga Dobrowolska-Baczkun.


Patchwork Zone

The Patchwork Zone, or live crafts − was another new exhibition at the HOME DECOR Fair. This exhibition was organised on the area of 250 square meters, where the best works were presented by representatives of Patchwork Groups from all over Poland. It was accompanied by very popular patchwork sewing workshop.



Gold Medals

Industry experts formed the Competition Jury, chaired by Professor Marzena Wolinska, which awarded MTP Gold Medals to 5 products presented at HOME DECOR 2020.

  • Cameleon System - NOWODVORSKI Sp. j.
  • HUG ME – upholstery fabric from Toccare Collections by Dymitr Malcew – AGMAMITO Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
  • Laguna Aqua - Carpet Decor carpet - FARGOTEX Sp. z o.o.
  • TOUCH ME – upholstery fabric from Toccare Collections by Dymitr Malcew - AGMAMITO Sp. z o.o. Sp. k
  • ZOYA - Magic Home Collection easy-clean fabric - FARGOTEX Sp. z o.o.

For the first time at HOME DECOR, the Jury awarded Eco Prize and Grand Prix of MTP Group. Both prizes were awarded to Nowodvorski Lighting for its Cameleon system, which adjusts the lighting to the preferences of the user, who can select individual elements of the system and independently compile them. - CAMELEON system offered by Nowodvorski Lighting is a set of huge opportunities to create light in interiors. It is an innovative project, which understands and takes into account contemporary design combining holistic thinking about product: its functionality, ease of installation, adaptability and aesthetics - says prof. Marzena Wolińska, Chairman of the Gold Medal Jury. She also adds: - Nowadays we are focused on mobility. Mobility means change, but a change does not mean replacement. The world has come to the point, where it does not need more new projects to replace the older ones. We need good projects and products that don't need to be replaced. We would not replace those with a potential of modification. Such as CAMELEON lighting system offered by Nowodvorski Lighting. Its LED technology with adaptive functionality and aesthetics make this solution worthy of the Eco Prize.



The next edition of HOME DECOR will be held in Poznan on 22-25 February 2022.