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Tickets and information for participants of the MEBLE POLSKA Special Edition


We invite you to participate in the first edition of the furniture and interior ONLINE business meetings. Meet online industry representatives from all over the world without any health risks related to direct contact and travelling!

Join the Furniture and Interiors Online Business Meetings

DON'T WAIT - the event platform opens for VIP Participants already on MAY 3, 2021

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MEBLE POLSKA  Special Edition is:

  • 5 days of online B2B meetings with leading manufacturers of furniture and interior design from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe
  • an opportunity to safely and conveniently hold contract meetings thanks to the use of an intuitive online platform
  • a chance to acquire new business partners thanks to an intelligent system that will offer you the best partners based on your business interests, and will save the appointments in a calendar synchronized with Google and Outlook
  • interesting lectures and webinars about furniture import from Poland
  • live stream from the Bloggers Zone about the latest trends in design and interior design

The event will be held on an intuitive online platform that relies on artificial intelligence to match business partners. Among its advantages are a friendly interface, no need to install additional software, the ability to search for clients according to business interests and the possibility of holding an unlimited number of meetings with video and chat capabilities. The system will automatically recommend partners for meetings and save the meetings in the calendar.


Depending on the selected ticket type, you have the option to invite industry representatives to the online meeting among exhibitors, speakers, VIP participants and others.





profile on the platform

access to the platform and arranging meetings

from 10 May 2021

from 3 May 2021

pending meetings*



possibility of inviting exhibitors to meetings

possibility of inviting VIPs to meetings

possibility of inviting speakers to meetings

access to the program up to 30 days after

access to the exhibitors' catalog up to 30 days after


99 PLN
(around 22 EUR)

499 PLN
(around 108 EUR)

*The maximum number of meetings pending confirmation at one time.
Confirmation or rejection of the meeting allows you to send further invitations.

Buy a Ticket How to effectively use the platform?

Buying tickets

  1. To buy a Regular ticket, you need to log in or register on the sales platform. It is not required for the VIP ticket.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message after your purchase.
  3. If you have purchased more than 1 ticket, we will contact you to arrange access for all your accounts on the platform.
  4. Access data to the event platform will be sent from:
  • VIP Ticket - May 3
  • Regular Ticket - May 10


Payment methods

It is possible to pay by PayU or tPay system. You can also pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or MarterPass or VISA Checkout option.


 If you have any questions, please contact us.

Agata Gołębiowska
Paulina Nowakowska
Paulina Nowakowska