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Winners of the Gold Medal 2020


Among the submitted applications, the Jury awarded 5 products submitted to the competition for the Gold Medal of the HOME DECOR fair.

Congratulations to all exhibitors whose products have been awarded with this prestigious award.

All MTP Gold Medals are equivalent. The list is arranged alphabetically by product.


Cameleon System

The Cameleon System produced by Nowodvorski Lighting enables users to design lighting according their individual preferences and needs. The user may create own lighting system by selecting: shade, suspension system, installation box and mounting accessories. All elements are presented in the Cameleon system catalogue, which contains the necessary installation instructions to help users to design and to install their own lighting systems.

HUG ME – upholstery fabric from Toccare Collections by Dymitr Malcew –  submitted by AGMAMITO Jacek Siekacz Sp. z o.o.      Agmamito Group − manufacturer

HUG ME collection is innovative double-sided nubuck, extremely pleasant to the touch, gentle, but very durable. HUG ME combines two opposites − timeless simplicity of nubuck texture and uniqueness of colour patterns. HUG ME is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch − every user feels comfortable with it. Additionally, it is easy to keep clean. With the WATER BLOCKED system, all spilled liquids do not penetrate deep into the fabric.

Laguna Aqua Carpet Decor carpet FARGOTEX Sp. z o.o.

Laguna Aqua is a modern carpet of the Carpet Decor brand offered by Fargotex Decor. Its unique pattern will look great in almost any interior. The carpet draws attention to its modern and original design. Deep colours will bring positive energy into any room. It is an offer for people who appreciate original design and functionality at the same time. Its easy-clean properties make the carpet really user-friendly, without compromising its unique structure. The non-slip backing of the carpet helps to keep it in desired place, without unnecessary shifting. Allergy-free and environmentally friendly. It is very pleasant to the touch and its unique patterns and shades make it really decorative. It looks great in bedrooms, living rooms and offices.

TOUCH ME – upholstery fabric from Toccare Collections by Dymitr Malcew submitted by AGMAMITO Jacek Siekacz Sp. z o.o.      Agmamito Group − manufacturer

TOUCH ME is a perfect fusion of design, comfort and tactile properties, guaranteeing freedom in designing space and furniture arrangement. The perfect combination of matt threads with glossy fabric creates a three-dimensional effect. The fabric surface reflects light and creates a gentle sparkling effect with countless tiny flashes. TOUCH ME looks especially attractive with simple blocks of furniture. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, ensuring maximum use comfort.

ZOYA − Magic Home Collection easy-clean fabric FARGOTEX Sp. z o.o.

ZOYA is a high quality knitted fabric, which combines sophisticated design and excellent technical parameters. Beautiful colours are enriched with subtle and elegant vintage effect. It is suitable for using both as an upholstery and decorative fabric. You may use it to create beautiful cushions or curtains. Zoya will satisfy those who appreciate unique style, but it will also delight those who prefer functionality and comfort. It is recommended both for families with children and pet owners, due to its easy-clean technology and increased resistance to damage.

In addition to the Gold Medal, Cameleon system received double recognition of the jury: the Eco Prize and the Grand Prix of Grupa MTP. The CAMELEON system offered by Nowodvorski Lighting is a set of huge opportunities to create light in interiors. It is an innovative project, which understands and takes into account contemporary design combining holistic thinking about product: its functionality, ease of installation, adaptability and aesthetics − said Prof. Marzena Wolińska, PhD, Chairman of the Gold Medal Jury.

She added: Nowadays we are focused on mobility. Mobility means change, but change does not mean replacement. The world has come to the point where it does not need more new projects to replace the older ones. We need good projects and products that don't need to be replaced. We would not replace those with a potential of modification. Such as the CAMELEON lighting system offered by Nowodvorski Lighting. Its LED technology with adaptive functionality and aesthetics make this solution worthy of the Eco Prize.